Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snow Walk

"I think some traditions are nice. Birthdays. Holidays. Taking a walk in the first snow of the season." (Lorelai in Love and War and Snow)

When I was a kid, we used to take snow walks through the woods behind our house. We'd go during the first snow of the year. I always felt like I was ruining the snow because we were the first people to make footprints in the snow that barely covered the ground.

I felt like that again today as I traipsed around my neighborhood. I walked across the grass to the swingset and felt guilty. I went out by myself for my snow walk this year and couldn't believe how quiet the neighborhood was. It's never this quiet even at 10am on a Saturday morning.

I didn't mind being awoken at 9 this morning when I heard Will and Ann in the hallway. "It's snowing!" one of them exclaimed. I peeked out my window. Sure enough there was a dusting on the ground enough to cover most of the grass. I flung myself out of bed so I could eat a quick breakfast of Sr. Cordy's homemade bread and coffee before heading outside.

It's magical (and I love the pattern on the swingset).

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