Wednesday, January 5, 2011

travels home

A few highlights from my Christmas trip back home. It went by entirely too fast and I find myself missing the comfort of Ohio while I'm here. In 6 months I'll be back.

Celebrating Christmas at St. Pat's with this Charlie Brown tree.

cousins on Christmas discussing the merits of something or another.

guy cousins sporting snazzy jackets from Gram.

scrabble games (that I won)

because we're awesome

New Year's Eve lunch with these lovely ladies.
brother and his dog, buddy.


  1. Hello Eilis,

    I am back up and running computer-wise but DON'T ever again want to relive that experience. :( In looking at the picture from New Year's eve lunch I recognized Sr. Toby. She and I worked together for a few years in San Antonio. It is a small world!!!

    Hope you are staying warm,

  2. No way! Small world indeed. I know Sr. Toby pretty well.

    Glad you're computer is back up and running.