Friday, July 2, 2010

Becoming a regular

I've been spending time at Caribou under the guise of "working on my resume and applications." Yesterday, I managed to knock out my resume. I thought I had long lost the resume I created at Westminster, but last weekend I remembered that I had emailed it to a professor when he agreed to serve as a reference. It was still in my email. Thank goodness I rarely delete emails. I really didn't want to create a new resume. I rearranged, added a few publications, my latest work info, and viola.

I picked Caribou because it is significantly quieter than Barnes and there are far more interesting people to watch. Barnes has the daily crowd of old folks. Caribou has crazy people including the former karate master who used to date my mother, but is now partially paralyzed after a massive stroke a couple years ago and his posse. He sits outside every day with the aging left handed hippie who works on the crossword puzzle, the mother who arrives with the young girl who walks a stuffed animal, and a revolving door of additional characters. Today, there's a bearded kid (young man) wearing Keds and listening to music that's seeping out of his iPod headphones. We kept eying each other. I was convinced that he went to my high school. (He did).

I rebelled and changed my order today. Just as the girl started to punch in my regular order (small iced mocha), I ordered an iced mocha. I've got to keep the girl on her toes.


  1. This sounds lovely. I would love to join you at this sometime, if you welcome company at the cafe.

  2. Do please venture up to my neck of the woods and hang out with me at Caribou.