Sunday, February 13, 2011

just around the corner... right?

I crave sunshine around this time of year. It is February and spring should theoretically be just around the corner. But, this year, I'm living in the frozen tundra of the north and I still have a good two months left of winter. Sunshine around here tends to be a cruel joke. It's usually colder when the sun is out and the sun always comes out after a heavy snowfall. I can't take much more of the well below mornings and afternoons even though the sun makes me feel alive. With the sun, I don't think about hibernating as much. I think about spring and flowers and short sleeves and sandals.

Today, the temperature topped out above 40, which was a far cry from the -18 we had earlier in the week. I could finally take a walk around the neighborhood without worrying about frostbite. It was grand. 

 The snow piles are still there, but the warmer temperatures do give me home that spring is just around the corner. (I'm ignoring everyone who tells me that it's just a temporary thaw).
When the snow melts...

 The street in front of my house is turning into a river. It's going to be a mess when everything starts to melt. I don't know what they are going to do with all the snow. In the Twin Cities, they are trucking out some snow. Too much for up here.

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