Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am addicted to the Real Housewives of NYC and I have my gram to blame. Seriously. We started watching the OC housewives years ago and it's snowballed into this addiction. I thought I was through with the housewives when Bethenny left. They're crazy. They're annoying. There's too many of them this season. I couldn't stand this season until... the marathon this past week. I watched a good chunk of all the episodes and dvr-ed my favorites. All in anticipation for the season finale involving a pregnancy (read: menopause) scare, a 1 year dating anniversary party, and general ridiculousness. I should be ashamed.

I just can't turn away when I know the the episode featuring Ramona's crazy face while walking the runway is coming up. No. I call Jenna and we laugh about it all over again. Never mind that we watched it countless times when it first aired. Never mind that we swore off the show months ago. We were sucked in again. We waited for Kelly's meltdown. We remembered why we were first sucked into the show.

I LOVE it.

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