Wednesday, August 3, 2011

day 1.

There's a thing going around facebook called the 30 day challenge (or something like that). I rarely like to jump on the bandwagon so I've refused to join in on it. I am usually annoyed by it because no one ever finishes it so I'm stuck at staring the picture from day 11.

So, what am I going to do? I'm going to (partially) eat my words and do the 30 day challenge on here. I'm hoping that it will get me into the habit of regular blogging.

1) I must start my day with coffee. 
2) I spent 10 months in MN as a member of a volunteer program and working with a refugee resettlement organization.
3) I'm a diehard Cleveland Indians fan.
4) I put my left shoe on first. Same with pant legs.
5) I'm Irish. Very Irish.
6) I hate spiders, clowns, and snakes.
7) I don't like wearing shoes.
8) I have issues with textures of certain foods. (celery, peas, bananas, etc.)
9) I try to avoid writing with black ink. It depresses me.
10) Taking pictures makes me happy.

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