Friday, January 6, 2012

on hugs and the last day of vacation

I stumpled across this post this morning after a friend told me to check out NPR's "On Being" blog. Pádraig Ó Tuama, the author of the post, is one of my in we both have roots in Co. Cork.

Hugs, for me, are essential. They are a hello or goodbye, sharing of love and friendship, a kiss of piece, an awkward moment, consolation, laughter, and everything in between. Turning down a hug is a sin in my family. You might as well spit on the person. 

Today's my last day of vacation. Technically, I don't head back until Sunday, but weekends don't count. I'm ready to get back to my "regular" life in a place that I call home. As much as I've enjoyed a lazy 2 weeks, I'm ready to not be able to sit around all morning in my pjs while drinking coffee and watching Will & Grace. I've spent the majority of this week going stir crazy. Yes, it will be good to be back in my normal routine.

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