Saturday, December 29, 2012

home on the farm

Villa farm

This morning, I headed out to the Villa for one last Christmas celebration where I was greeted with Christmas hugs and kisses. Only some knew that I would be there so it was great to surprise the others. We sat around the table after breakfast drinking coffee and sharing stories about sled-riding, ice skating, and snow.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some snow pictures (even though I left my good camera at home). Cleveland is pretty, but nothing beats the Villa. All was quiet on the farm except for a flock of pigeons on the barn roof that scattered just as I took their picture.

I never thought that I would be a person who would feel at home on a farm. I'm a city (or close to it) girl. The only flowers my family ever grew were dandelions. I didn't know what vegetables were in season and when because Giant Eagle stocks the same vegetables all year long. (Never mind that the only vegetables ever served in my family's house are corn and potatoes). I remember feeling bad for my friends who lived "in the country" -- a whole 10 minutes from the mall. I figured that their life must be boring.

Now, after spending a year out in the country and 4 months working on a farm, I can see myself living in the country with cows as my neighbors. My home is now in the city and I love the close proximity to people and places, but I count the days until I can retreat to the quiet of the country.

Out to the woods and sheep barn

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