Wednesday, February 20, 2013

just one weekend

There is a Beautiful Creature
Living in a hole you have dug.

So at night
I set fruit and grains
And little pots of wine and milk
Beside your soft earthen mounds,

And I often sing.

But still, my dear,
You do not come out.

I have fallen in love with Someone
Who hides inside you.

We should talk about this problem---

I will never leave you alone.

I first came across this poem about 1 year ago. I boxed & starred it and filed it away in my neatly organized binder. Last Friday, while reflecting on the past year, I came across it and felt like it was written just for me. It perfectly describes my life right now and the running that I tend to do. Something tells me that I should tape this somewhere where I can read it every morning.

The long weekend was a homecoming and a reunion of sorts. It was a time to relax, take brisk walks for the few minutes that I could brave the temperatures, visit the farm, catch up with people I love, & visit my heart.

welcome home.

oh hey.
sharing a little love

This brown bag probably doesn't look like anything special. On Monday morning, I packed up my bags and headed back to work. One of the sisters insisted on backing me a brown bagged lunch complete with a sandwich, fruit, chips, & 1/2 a doughnut. It made my heart happy. Had it been up to me, I would have probably skipped lunch.

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