Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And it's March

The Circus apparently is coming to town. Each morning, as I'm racing (and usually running dangerously close to being late) to work, I pray that I won't catch the train. The Ringling Bros./Barnum & Bailey train greeted me this morning. It stopped at the railroad crossing for a good 20 minutes. And I was going to be early this morning! How rude.

I told one of my coworkers this morning that I've actually never been to the circus. She was shocked. My family isn't exactly circus going folks and I hate clowns. It works out for the best. She was all set to call to find out if they still had tickets. Apparently I'm missing out.

There's still about a foot of snow in my yard, but spring is just around the corner. The sun finally decided to show it's face today. This little tree in my yard is getting ready to bloom. I can feel the winter tiredness gradually starting to leave my bones.

I feel like I closed my eyes and it was March. February was a blur of activity. I told my dad this tonight while we were eating dinner. His response: "Well, it is the shortest month of the year."
Thank you Captain Obvious. Yes, I realize that it's a shorter month, but it still went fast. I feel like I lost the entire month.


  1. lol, circuses are okay, i agree the clowns make me uneasy, more because they are annoying than looking scary, but i usually like the acts like juggling fire and trapeze people. :) march DID get here really fast!

  2. As for the clowns, they don't scare me... I just don't like them around me, bugging me.

  3. I think the circus is more fun if you have kids with you, but I do love seeing the trapeze people. There is just something so cool about that, you know? You should probably check it out!